Are you a….

  • Help leaders expand their library of development and engagement strategies by including this deck in leadership and management development workshops.
  • Create your own ‘Apples to Apples’- style game by inventing a range of typical development scenarios and writing each on a separate index card that players would ‘play’ their best strategy cards against.
  • Distribute a deck to all new employee orientation attendees as a way of inviting people to own their engagement and development. Explain that these are some of the strategies and activities available. Invite them to identify those of greatest interest and initiate a conversation with their managers.
  • Use the ‘Strategy’ cards as a coaching tool for new leaders who may be struggling to identify relevant strategies to help employees remain engaged and growing.
  • Use the flexible ‘Activator’ cards to engage others in advancing development or business goals.
  • Review the deck and create a pile of strategies and activities that are currently available to your team. Invite individuals to review and prioritize those of greatest interest and importance to them.
  • Bring the deck to your next individual development planning meeting or one-on-one and explore your employee’s interest in ‘playing’ with some of the ideas.
  • Build a team culture of development and engagement by setting aside time during a team meeting for people to review the cards. Invite them to select and share with the team 2 or 3 strategies that interest them most. Facilitate group brainstorming about how members can support each other’s growth.
  • Use the ‘Activator’ cards when someone struggles to move forward.
  • Use the flexible ‘Activator’ cards to help the team plan next steps for any initiative.

Activators ( I mostly need help with…)

Stoke Your Motiation

Identify a Small Step

Gather More Information

I want to…(Engagement & Development Strategy)